Kudos Ron! ... was - RE: [thechat] Jeopardy is tonight

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at compaq.com
Thu Jan 24 10:06:11 CST 2002

I dunno Ben,

I was "brainlocked" on the 'diglot' question too ... and I don't have an
excuse ... here I am living in a city full of them!

I knew a polyglot was fluent in many languages ... but I just wasn't
converting 'di' to two to 'bi' fast enough to answer the question ...
and I was flummoxed enough to completely forget the significance of the
quoted "B" in the category name ... so I can't give him any grief over
that one.

... but hey, if we want to rake him over the coals for the Bee Gees and
Dr. Christian Barnaard question ...  I'm in!

Just Kidding!



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From: Ben Dyer [mailto:ben_dyer at imaginuity.com]

Hee.  About halfway through I was thinking, "I think I'll give him some 
crap about missing that 'diglot' question."  Then at the end I thought, 
"Nah, he's going to get enough crap about the tequila question." ;)

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