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Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Thu Jan 24 18:43:16 CST 2002

>Damn, I thought that was too easy.  I'm glad that there's one other person
>out there on an indexed mailing list who misspelled it exactly the same way.

You get that too? It happens to me all the time, in some cases there
are more results for misspelt words than the real thing... which is a
bit sad.

>I also noted in my googlewhacking attempts that a search for salami wombat
>returns 132 results, number one being a site featuring downloadable songs
>by Pregnant Wombat.  Includes the hit: Pregnant Wombat hunts Blowfish to
>Make a Fugu Salami Sandwich

Your wombat thing got me thinking, but after 2 minutes of trying, and
half a minute of getting annoyed, the best I could do was:


sigh... always a bridesmaid and all that.

I do remember getting one googlewhack on a subject I was genuinely
interested in a little while ago, but my short term memory ain't so
hot and I think there were many terms in the search query.

Never mind, back to work.

Cheers all for the excellent diversion.

Andrew Forsberg
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