[thechat] odd todd

rudy937 rudy937 at rogers.com
Sat Jan 26 20:28:01 CST 2002

> Ahem, is this list turning to thegooglewhackscores at lists.evolt.org now? ;)

finally, one of the threads i initiated catches on   ;o)

i will just have to dig up a few more, eh?

and i propose to keep doing this until y'all beg me to stop

see, these are items i would blog if i were a real blogger, but i swore to
myself that on my site, which i do not really consider a true blog, i would
not merely blog the same links that all the other bloggers are blogging, i
would save my site for truly unique or original items -- quatsch of quality,
as it were

meanwhile, once in a while i find something so hilarious or intriguing that
i simply must share it with you lot

here's another one, a short animated cartoon about a day in the life of a
guy who's been laid off

maybe it's me, and i identify way too much with the guy, but i thought this
was clever --


apparently the guy has collected US$6500 in his tip jar

joe, if you're listening, you have one of these -- is it worth having one?


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