[thechat] odd todd and tipjars.

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Sun Jan 27 18:47:00 CST 2002

on 1/26/2002 6:28 PM, rudy937 at rudy937 at rogers.com wrote:
>> Ahem, is this list turning to thegooglewhackscores at lists.evolt.org now? ;)
> finally, one of the threads i initiated catches on   ;o)

Heh. thechat is only an exhibition, it is not a competition. :-)

> i will just have to dig up a few more, eh?
> and i propose to keep doing this until y'all beg me to stop
> see, these are items i would blog if i were a real blogger, but i swore to
> myself that on my site, which i do not really consider a true blog, i would
> not merely blog the same links that all the other bloggers are blogging, i
> would save my site for truly unique or original items -- quatsch of quality,
> as it were

I think rudy, you're in what might be called "blog denial." ;-P

seriously though, I have the same issue of not wanting to be part of the
pack. A simple exercise is to avoid any kind of quiz result.

> meanwhile, once in a while i find something so hilarious or intriguing that
> i simply must share it with you lot
> here's another one, a short animated cartoon about a day in the life of a
> guy who's been laid off
> maybe it's me, and i identify way too much with the guy, but i thought this
> was clever --
> http://mirror.oddtodd.com/laidoff2.swf

indeed. oddtodd is brilliant. I gave him a buck when it first hit. :-)

> apparently the guy has collected US$6500 in his tip jar


> joe, if you're listening, you have one of these -- is it worth having one?

I've made about $60 bucks I think from the "lab" portion of my site. Not
overwhelming, really, but it's been nice. Mostly through the paypal, not
amazon. I had one person give me $20 bucks because I had something that
helped her meet a deadline. That was kind of neat.

But I only have the tip jar for the lab - where I feel I'm providing
something of value. For other parts of the site, or my blog or bio - no tip
jar. I just don't feel like that stuff deserves a tip - I do the for myself,
really - if other people dig it cool, if not cool. The portfolio is
bald-faced promotion, the implicit thing is to encourage people to hire me
or my employer. But the lab is explicitly about sharing whatever paltry
knowledge I have. It's my "street performer" space. I would be doing it
anyway, but I don't mind opening up the guitar case and letting people know
that gratuities won't be turned down. :-)

And the follow-on is something I've been telling you for awhile rudy - you
need to put up lots of your SQL genius tips on your site, and do the same
thing. You rock the house hard when it comes to SQL. And yes, a tip jar
would be most appropriate. :-)

Did I answer the question? I think I rambled in there :-\

    - Joe <http://artlung.com/>

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