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Yeah, that's up there with the knee jerk reaction of the
FAST people: "Buy a bootleg and you're supporting Organised
Crime" Well, yeah. It's a crime, and it takes *some* degree of
organisation. But is it Al Capone? The case is yet to be made.

I find the whole anti-drugs argument non-intelligent and circular:
"Don't take drugs: drugs are bad"
"Why are they bad?"
"Because they're illegal and you'd be getting into crime"
"Why are they illegal?"
"Because they're bad"

And obviously, I can take as much caffeine, alcohol and tobacco
as I like and remain 'drug free' and a benefit to society, but one
little brownie, and that's me in the gutter... right...

The gateway argument is such crap - "All heroin users took cannabis
so all cannabis users will go on to take heroin except by good fortune
and early intervention". Now, swap "heroin users" for "Drunk drivers"
and "cannabis" and "cannabis users" for "driving lessons" and "learner
drivers" and you've got a powerful argument for banning people learning
to drive... err...


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So, I've been checking out the ads shown at the superbowl this weekend,
because that's about the most interesting bit. (Neither a Patriots nor a
Rams fan.)

So, I happen to see the following message (paraphrased) from the White
House Office of Drug Control Policy:

"If you use drugs, you're putting money directly into the hands of the
(it was one of those Mastercard "priceless" style ads).

So, I wonder what the White House Office of Drug Control Policy was up to
in May 2001?


Paraphrasing again:

In May 2001, Colin Powell announced $43million for Afghanistan's Taliban
government to burn some poppy fields, effectively becoming the majority
sponsor of Taliban terrorist activity in 2001.

Does everyone still remember September 11th (and I mean the *four thousand
dead people* still under half of what used to be Manhattan's skyline, not
the fucking idiotic "war" scripted to fit into daily 5 minute chunks on
CNN) ?

American tax dollars paid for the training that those terrorists received.

So, patriotic Americans are told "don't buy drugs because they fund
terrorists" whilst the government tries to forget that, in attempting to
curb the flow of drugs out of Afghanistan, they put even more money into
terrorist hands?

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