Superbowl Ads [was: [thechat] Superbowl Ads]

Ben Dyer ben_dyer at
Mon Feb 4 13:20:00 CST 2002

I was watching the Super Bowl with a bunch of people and this one had me
hollering...but while I was laughing, everybody else looked at me like I
was crazy.

- "It's Kevin Bacon!!" (In response to the blank stares)
- *blank stares*
- "You know?  The six degress of Kevin Bacon game??"
- *more blank stares*
- "You know?  Like, uh...(pause) Richard Dreyfuss was in What About Bob?
with Bill Murray who was in Wild Things with Kevin Bacon??"

Maybe I just watch too many movies...I dunno.


On 01:09 PM 2/4/2002, Quackamoe said to me:
>Personally, I thought the Kevin Bacon thing was a
>pretty dang funny.

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