[thechat] Stay Alert! ... Oh, and vigilant too!

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Mon Feb 4 14:59:00 CST 2002

I was standing at the soda machine today ... when I ran into a coin, a
quarter actually, that wouldn't work.  One, two, three tries through the
machine - and still the machine refused to take it!  This wasn't a
problem since I had more quarters - so I fished that one out of the coin
return and back into my pocket.

Making another soda run, (I drink a *lot* of carbonated beverages -
okay?), I again ran into a coin, that same dang quarter, that the
machine wouldn't take ... and again the machine turned up it's nose at
my hard earned money ... even after trying it 'heads to the left' and
'heads to the right' ... nada! ... this was beginning to be bothersome!

Yet again this afternoon, back contending with the soda machine, (we're
on a first name basis, actually), and yet again - an ugly incident
involving the recalcitrant quarter! ... I had had enough!  This time I
decided to take a closer look at the offending coin - to determine which
of these new fancy dangle States pithy obverse sides was being rejected
by the machine ... so I could more properly direct my ire ...

... Aha! ... here we have it! ... and the troublemaker is ....



[Jimmydangnabbitalltohellandhalfwaybackagaininahandbag!  I *knew* we
never shoulda let them into the Union!!  Frickensacking Yankees - making
a bleedin 1 franc coin the same size and color as a 'merican quarter!
(Even has the dingus thumbnail scratchy-ridge on the edge - if that
don't beat all!)]

So remain ever alert and vigilant lest this happen unto you!


(A Louisianan co-worker noted that he coulda told me not to expect any
work outta anything involving a "French quarter".)

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