[thechat] Monitor sizes in USA

Hugh Blair hblair at hotfootmail.com
Mon Feb 4 16:15:01 CST 2002

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> Hmmm... I must have assumed wrong. I thought that most new machines came
> with 19" ones as standard.

Not here.  I see mostly 17" on 'top end' system.  'Standard' systems still
come with 15" Monitors.

> >If you're into better graphics quality, you're probably looking at at least
> >$500+ for a good 17" regular monitor.
> Whoa. My 17" Samsung monitor (with 16" viewable area, 0.25 mm dot pitch)
> costs $270, and things are more expensive in India. How is it so much more
> expensive out there?

Most brand-name 17" monitors sell for $275 to $500.  None brand-name ones
can be found for $200-$250.
> Indeed it does. So would it be fair to say that over the past few years,
> average monitor sizes have been increasing? I need to make that statement
> for an article I'm writing, so I want to be sure of my facts first ;)

Yes.  2 years ago, 15" was the 'standard' but that's gone up to 17".  Low
end systems will still have 15" monitors.  But stores are really pushing
15"+ flat screens.  The prices have dropped enough in the last year that
15"/16" flats are a good option.


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