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Tue Feb 5 13:27:00 CST 2002

--- Seb <seb at members.evolt.org> wrote:
> painful years). Nope, I had two good reasons: Jeri
> Ryan. ;-P
duh, but that's just one reaseon. . . oh, I get it!

> Still, nothing Trek have done so far (still waiting
> to see about
> Enterprise, it's had a promising start) even comes
> close to being as good
> as even the worst episodes of B5 and 'scape.
There were a couple eps of TNG that were well above

"The Inner Light" - where Picard lives almost
a whole lifetime on a dying planet and learns to play
the penny whistle.

"Darmok" - Paul Winfield as an alien whose speech is
unintelligible, until the crew figure out that the
Tamarians speak exclusively in metaphors. A very good
episode even if they may have lifted the idea from
_The Citadel of the Autuarch_ by Gene Wolfe. Oh, and
Ashley Judd plays an ensign in this episode.

Seems there were one or two others that were
and that's in a run of seven years. I was firmly in
Berman and Braga Must Go camp until they rolled out
Enterprise. I still think maybe it'd be better if
two started raising prize roses or something and let
some new blood move Enterprise up to a new level.


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