[thechat] any evolters in California (speaking of beer-volts, cheese&wine-volts)?

Shirley Kaiser skaiser1 at skdesigns.com
Tue Feb 5 22:54:00 CST 2002

At 10:04 PM 2/4/2002, you typed:
>I'm in Palo Alto, mid-Peninsula.
>Depending on the day/time picked, I'd like to meet up too. Been
>actually thinking about suggesting a Silicon Valley beervolt. Though
>I'd prefer wine (and cheese).

Hey, Marlene,

We're actually within reasonable driving distance from each other. I'm in
the Sacramento area. Last time I drove to Palo Alto on a good traffic day
was about 2-1/2 to 2-3/4 hours. Maybe we could meet up in SF or something.

Also, my dad was just in Palo Alto at Stanford Medical Center last week or
so for another round of heart surgery (he's almost 84, almost died last
spring from massive heart failure and lots of complications). In addition
to trying to visit him in Carmel, I suspect I'll be making more than one
trip to Palo Alto for hospital visits, too. I'd always welcome a break and
escape from the hospital walls for a visit when I'm there, too. So if
something comes up I'll let you know.

But besides that, let's figure something out. We may have a 2-person
beer-volt or cheese&wine-volt if there's no one else nearby, but 2's a
party! :-)


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