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Thu Feb 7 10:21:00 CST 2002

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>>Well, for starters, don't blink much during "American Movie."
>>The DVD has "Coven" on it.... I'm Sharon, the one with short
>>curly dark hair
>>who leads the AA Group / Coven / Whatever. This was the best
>>I could find in
>>a quick Google:
>>The cooler thing was the first time MB was on Letterman, they
>>showed a whole
>>big scene with me and Mark.... Yeah, Mark beating me up... whee! Now
>>*there's* something I wish I could find a clip of....   :-)

That is so incredibly awesome, wow, you are famous.  You have just achieved
instant notoriety (heh) at a design firm in Madison...  they do the website
for Wisconsin Film Fest, and had Mike and Mark in Madison for the opening...

just sent an email to a few of them there because we've watched American
Movie & Coven with the Planet kids (my boyfriend works there) and they are
suitably impressed...


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