[thechat] American Movie

Clift, Heather HClift at glhec.org
Thu Feb 7 10:44:00 CST 2002

>>I just got a postcard from the film festival, haven't had a
>>chance to look
>>at it but I sure will. You got a URL? And I also stumbled on
>>the Planet site
>>the other day; holy rockingness, Batman!

Brian (my partner at Planet) wanted to know if your postcard had sparkplugs
or a heart (he did the mailing list and is excited that it made it out

WI Film Fest site (not entirely debugged or finished yet, and just live as
of 2 days ago)


>>Can you make it to the Beervolt on Saturday???
>>It's at Trocadero on N. Water Street:

I'm definitely going to try to make it on Saturday...I was still in <lurk>
mode last time there was a Milwaukee beervolt....


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