[thechat] 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon

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On the oracle site it said KB was 0 anyone in a movie with him a one and
people in a movie with them 2 etc.

Ron White

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> From: Ron White
> > i seem to have a couple of kb's of 2.
> >
> > my brother had a bit part in Mr. Holland's Opus with
> > Olympia Dukakis and William H. Macy
> >
> >   Olympia Dukakis was in Picture Perfect (1997) with
> >   Kevin Bacon
> >   William H. Macy was in Murder in the First (1995)
> >   with Kevin Bacon>
> That makes you a three, him a two...

i don't think so.  at least not if you consider the meaning of the word
separation.  there are only two people separating me from kevin bacon -- my
brother, and either olympia dukakis or william h. macy.

but then, if you're using the term "degrees" that wouldn't hold the same and
i would indeed by 3.  it all depends on how you learned the game to begin


jeff at members.evolt.org

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