[thechat] News Update

Miriam miriam at members.evolt.org
Fri Feb 8 12:10:01 CST 2002

> He is a man who has never had to live within a budget ever in his life.
True dat.

> I feel like an exile in my own country.
Fight tha powah!

> How can I be living in a place where George Bush is looked up to as a
> leader, and where Britney Spears is looked up to as a singer?
Getting my violin now...

It could be worse.
I hear that Jerry Lewis is still a star in France.
In Germany and Italy there's a game show where the winning contestant is She
Who Strips Best.
Canada is suing the US because they want to pollute more under NAFTA.
The fascist party in Italy is resurfacing.

Things are tough all over and we've all got big problems. Just as we all
have always had, and it's a lot better for a lot more people than it used to
be. The "good old days" like, totally totally sucked.

Write your elected leaders, go to pta meetings, raise your kids right. And
as far as Britney Spears goes? She'll fade away someday. Meanwhile why don't
you take your kids to the symphony or a play tonight?


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