[thechat] Cookin' Clapton Collection

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Fri Feb 8 15:23:01 CST 2002

Hi Terry,

I don't have that one - but it looks like a pretty good selection of
songs. [Hmmm .. Tempted to grab one of the used ones for myself!]

The multi-disc 'Crossroads' or whatever it's called is very nice.  I
think that's my favorite for the Clapton I have. But then again I really
like his blues work and it might cover his early career a tad more than
you are looking for.

* Riding with the King is pretty wonderful - but again blues oriented.
* Unplugged is very good - but maybe not 'rocking' enough.
* Backless is nice.
* I think I may have Time Pieces - but for some reason that didn't
really grab me as much as these others.

Ah - go for it - looks like a good one.



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Last night on the long drive home and listening to the
radio I heard "Sunshine of Your Love" and then later
the live version of "Cocaine" and remembered just how
much I like Clapton. So I thought I'd get a CD of
just/mostly rockin' Clapton.

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