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Sat Feb 9 01:34:01 CST 2002

Anybody watching?

Well, I just wanted to put my $0.02 for the record. Just so y'all don't
think I am anti-America or anything.  I'm still anti-Bush, but so are 50% of
Americans... or is that 51%....hmmm.... anyway.

I just wanted to say that this year's Olympic opening ceremonies were, in a
word, fantastic.  Salt Lake sure planned the show well and it carried forth
all of the international symbolism that the Olympics have come to represent.

The lighting, the stage, the costumes, the story.  It was entertaining and
riveting from one scene to the next.  I was worried that the ceremonies were
going to cover patriotism one scale bigger than SuperBowl, but the Salt Lake
committee demonstrated their open-mindedness to the world around them and
they are to be commended for making all the athletes and spectators
world-wide for making us feel at home.

Did you see the group of people they assembled to carry in the Olympic flag?
*Amazing*  Can you *imagine* being in the green room with those 8 people?
Can you imagine John Glenn saying "Wow! You're Steven Spielberg." Or Cathy
Freeman saying "My god, I'm talking to Desmond Tutu!" Wow.

I have a good feeling about these games.  And I'm not even talking sports.

Subtlety is an art.  Way to go Salt Lake.


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