[thechat] Cookin' Clapton Collection and then some

Joel Canfield Joel at spinhead.com
Sat Feb 9 02:08:00 CST 2002

| The Cream of Clapton

| Anybody got anything better to suggest?
| Terry

As a pretty representative Clapton album, that's probably the one. If you
wanna hear his absolute best playing, nothing he's ever done compares to
'From the Cradle.' Yeah, it's all old blues, and he didn't write a bit of
it. It's the most passionate his playing ever got, and the solos in 'It
Hurts Me Too' and 'Someday After While' nearly topple SRV's 'Things That I
Used to Do' from the pillar of 'Best Blues Guitar Solo of All Time.'


Suggesting that someone leave this country because they disagree with its
political leaders is absolutely contrary to the ideals of tolerance and
freedom embodied by the documents drafted by its founders. This type of
subtle coercion is closer in spirit to the totalitarian governments of which
so many disapprove.

Which doesn't discount the fact that how we say something frequently weighs
more than what we say. When I'm trying to convince someone of a point they
may or may not agree with, I tend to couch my words in a manner most likely
to be recieved and digested for content, not style.


I suggest against mixing the barbecue chicken pizza with the deluxe sausage
pizza. Or maybe it's the CBC's new Scots Ale. Anyway, take something for
your headache BEFORE you fall asleep, or a pleasant evening may end up less


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