and beer, too (was RE: [thechat] Cookin' Clapton Collection and t hen some)

Joel Canfield Joel at
Sun Feb 10 00:58:01 CST 2002

| If
| >you wanna hear his absolute best playing, nothing he's ever done
| >compares to 'From the Cradle.' Yeah, it's all old blues, and
| he didn't
| >write a bit of it. It's the most passionate his playing ever
| got, and
| >the solos in 'It Hurts Me Too' and 'Someday After While'
| nearly topple
| >SRV's 'Things That I Used to Do' from the pillar of 'Best
| Blues Guitar
| >Solo of All Time.'
| Ah, these sound good, Joel. I'm going to keep these in mind.
| I like Clapton but wouldn't know what to buy.

For me, the essentials would be 461 Ocean Boulevard (my wife's favorite
Clapton, and she's not a blues fan), Backless, Slow Hand (if only for the
instrumental 'Peaches and Diesel'), From the Cradle, and Unplugged
(primarily for the live version of Jerry Lynn Williams'Running on Faith.)
Oh, and at least one studio version of Layla. In some moods, I listen for
his half million dollar '57 Strat; other times, I listen for Jim Horn's
marvelous piano coda. (Bobby Whitlock doesn't get enough credit for the
success of that album.)

| Ouch. Sounds like a not-so-fun way to wake up. Did you like
| the Scots Ale?

It was excellent. And I think the feeling bad might have been the Indian
food from lunchtime. Mixed with the pizzas. And beer. :)

| During and after all my European travel in the 1980s I became
| especially fond of more full-bodied beers, even liking dark
| beers (previously dark beers had tasted too 'strong' to me).
| Other beers that I'd previously liked fine started tasting
| like diluted, watered-down beer, and I no longer liked it
| nearly as well. There are many local micro-breweries here in
| northern California that I like pretty well, too, and I also
| like to support the smaller businesses anyway. It's a fun
| adventure to explore.

Ah, San Diego has so many . . . multiple Karl Strauss locations, a chain
called 'Hops,' my fave, the Coronado Brewing Company in the middle of San
Diego Bay, finally a Gordon Biersch, and Stone's Brewery in San Marcos just
north of town. They make the incomparable 'Arrogant Bastard' which, for some
reason, folks say is the perfect beer for me. It is indeed my favorite beer
in the world; a spiced brown ale that's difficult to describe, but if we
ever do get a west coast beervolt together, I'll bring some.

| In Austria there's a beer with my last name that I liked a
| lot, too -- Kaiser bier. I only find it rarely here, though.
| :-(  I still have a bunch of Kaiser bier coasters that I
| snitched from the local pubs in Vienna, Salzburg and
| elsewhere. Fun times....
| Warmly,
| Shirley

When my wife was out of town a couple months ago, I took the kids to 'The
Field', an Irish restaurant here in San Diego's Gaslamp district. (Perfectly
pulled Guinness for $3 - in IMPERIAL pints!) They were shocked when they
discovered that I had taken my coasters with me. Well, the boys were. My
daughter just said "Why didn't I think of that?"

She's not evil. Really.


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