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At 10:54 PM 2/9/2002, you typed:
>| If
>| >you wanna hear his absolute best playing, nothing he's ever done
>| >compares to 'From the Cradle.' Yeah, it's all old blues, and
>| he didn't
>| >write a bit of it. It's the most passionate his playing ever
>| got, and
>| >the solos in 'It Hurts Me Too' and 'Someday After While'
>| nearly topple
>| >SRV's 'Things That I Used to Do' from the pillar of 'Best
>| Blues Guitar
>| >Solo of All Time.'
>| Ah, these sound good, Joel. I'm going to keep these in mind.
>| I like Clapton but wouldn't know what to buy.
>For me, the essentials would be 461 Ocean Boulevard (my wife's favorite
>Clapton, and she's not a blues fan), Backless, Slow Hand (if only for the
>instrumental 'Peaches and Diesel'), From the Cradle, and Unplugged
>(primarily for the live version of Jerry Lynn Williams'Running on Faith.)
>Oh, and at least one studio version of Layla. In some moods, I listen for
>his half million dollar '57 Strat; other times, I listen for Jim Horn's
>marvelous piano coda. (Bobby Whitlock doesn't get enough credit for the
>success of that album.)

Ah, this all sounds wonderful. Well, I love blues. These sound great. And
being a pianist I'll look forward to listening to "Jim Horn's marvelous
piano coda." Thanks, Joel!

>| Ouch. Sounds like a not-so-fun way to wake up. Did you like
>| the Scots Ale?
>It was excellent. And I think the feeling bad might have been the Indian
>food from lunchtime. Mixed with the pizzas. And beer. :)

Ugh. That sounds like quite a combination, Joel. (but fun except for the
stomach part!)

><snip>There are many local micro-breweries here in
>| northern California that I like pretty well, too, and I also
>| like to support the smaller businesses anyway. It's a fun
>| adventure to explore.
>Ah, San Diego has so many . . . multiple Karl Strauss locations, a chain
>called 'Hops,' my fave, the Coronado Brewing Company in the middle of San
>Diego Bay, finally a Gordon Biersch, and Stone's Brewery in San Marcos just
>north of town. They make the incomparable 'Arrogant Bastard' which, for some
>reason, folks say is the perfect beer for me.

<big chuckle> Ah, that's funny. And what a name for a beer. I think I've
heard of at least a couple of the above beers, Joel. I'll have to keep my
eyes open when I'm at the store next.

Tonight my son and I went to a German restaurant for dinner owned by
Sudwerk, a local brewery (Davis, CA, just down the road). Exceptionally
good dark beer. So if you like dark beer, it's definitely among my
favorites at the moment. I also like beers by Sierra Nevada. The Pale Ale
is light in flavor and good on a hot day especially.

>  It is indeed my favorite beer
>in the world; a spiced brown ale that's difficult to describe, but if we
>ever do get a west coast beervolt together, I'll bring some.

Ah, I should have read further. So you might just like the Sudwerk dark
beer, too. I'll bring some, too. We've gotta do this, Joel!!

>| In Austria there's a beer with my last name that I liked a
>| lot, too -- Kaiser bier. I only find it rarely here, though.
>| :-(  I still have a bunch of Kaiser bier coasters that I
>| snitched from the local pubs in Vienna, Salzburg and
>| elsewhere. Fun times....
>| Warmly,
>| Shirley
>When my wife was out of town a couple months ago, I took the kids to 'The
>Field', an Irish restaurant here in San Diego's Gaslamp district. (Perfectly
>pulled Guinness for $3 - in IMPERIAL pints!) They were shocked when they
>discovered that I had taken my coasters with me. Well, the boys were. My
>daughter just said "Why didn't I think of that?"
>She's not evil. Really.

<big chuckle> Ah, that's hysterical. Sounds like a fun evening, too.


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