[thechat] Re: hardware issue - motherboard dies on power down after lengthy on period

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Mon Feb 11 09:15:01 CST 2002

its not *uncommon* or anything :)

if you moved the machine, verify that all the jumpers are still in place
and where they should be. also verify that your IDE cables are in place,
because if everything is powering up when you turn it on, the motherboard
is for the most part OK.

(side note, but computers are made to run for long periods of time.. its
worse for them to power up & down 4 times a day than to leave them on for
4 months straight. example: a machine here that had 455 days of uptime
went down in the power outage here last week(wasn't critical to stay on
UPS).. ever since then, it's been crashing like a irish priest at a johhny
walker convention. the thing ran great for welllll over a year, and only
starts having problems after it got turned off)'

anyways. once you make sure all the jumpers/cables are correctly
installed, reset the BIOS(you usually have to short a jumper on the mobo.
its explained in your manual). if *that* doesn't work, replace the
components one by one, starting with memory.

i'd be very suprised if it was actually the board itself, and not a
component that got jiggled in the move..

lemme know how it goes :)


On Mon, 11 Feb 2002, Isaac Forman wrote:

> Anyone seen this before?
> PC on for a long time - 30-120 days straight. Powered down for a few hours
> (moving house). Then doesn't start up after that. Motherboard seems to be
> dead (power supply fan runs, SCSI burner powers, but no other action).
> Has happened to me before (different motherboard I think).
> My machines are custom-built, so no cheap, shitty brand components.
> Anyway, is this scenario common? Is it avoidable?
> I assume that most development/gaming boxes don't run that long without
> powering down, so I'm hoping for some insight from people who may have
> experienced this with servers.
> TIA,
> isaac
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