[thechat] Help! Corrupt registry...

Ben Henick persist1 at io.com
Thu Feb 14 07:55:00 CST 2002

Some dumbass (that would be me) managed to corrupt his registry as a
result of several missteps in series... with no backup registry on hand to

(You'd think I'd learned by now.)

Files are mysteriously reverting to previously saved states, and (less
harmful but just as irritating) I can't seem to keep sort orders straight
in any of my Open dialogs.  Or Windows Explorer, for that matter.

If one of you can tell me where to go in the fscking registry to fix
things, or (worst case) give me an FTP location for a vanilla 98SE
registry, it'd mean a lot.  Perhaps even several hours of for-free work,
if that's worth anything.

(Before you ask - everybody I know is running either 2K or ME, and I
refuse to upgrade to either, for reasons too complicated to explain in
brief. Nor do I have an OS CD, which itself is a neat story.  Yes, the
state of my OS license is murky, for which I can thank the person from
whom I obtained this system in lieu of unpaid invoices.)

If you're in a position to go to bat for me, you might pass the word
via carbon copy; my sub to thechat is on digest.

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