[thechat] MindControl and You - Something funny for a Tuesday evening

Joel Canfield Joel at spinhead.com
Sat Feb 16 20:39:01 CST 2002

>Here is a link that I found on pclinuxonline.com that I
>thought people might find a little funny. I just can't tell if
>it is a joke or not. If it is a joke, the people have gone to
>a lot of work.
>The link:

Well, here's proof it's a joke:

"MindGuard uses the unique psychotronic properties of the aluminum found in
the chips throughout personal computers to generate its psychotronic
anti-signals. An all-copper computer would not be able to generate proper

Any fool knows that copper's psychotronic properties are vastly SUPERIOR to
those of aluminum, surpassed, in fact, only by the psychotronic properties
of beer. Probably why it's the beverage of choice among hemstah huntahs the
world over. Ever tried hunting hemstah WITHOUT psychotronic properties?


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