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Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Mon Feb 18 00:01:01 CST 2002

>we use the word "member" to describe discussion list subscribers, people
>who log on to the site to post articles or comments, people who have a free
>member account, and eventually we will also use it to describe people who
>can take part in official evolt.org votes (e.g. to elect the board of

hi Rudy

ok, seeing as there's a lot of activity at the moment redesigning the
evolt backend ... why not just work out a way to merge all these
things once and for all? i mean, an evolt member is someone who
(afaics, and i guess this is the problem you're trying to address):

a) wants to be an evolt member,
b) signed up,
c) is accepted, and
d) isn't banned.

the rest just relates to areas of interest to individual members, no?

from what i can tell of the site structure (disclaimer: i know as
much CF as any one of my three cats -- pick one at random and test,
if you like; i'm basing this on the sql table structure doc that
accompanies thecms) there's a more or less arbitrary division of
evolters between members (subset) and users (the set). that, and the
scheme stuff has had me scratching my head for some time. still, this
isn't really the forum for that discussion.

it just makes more sense to me to see a member as a member (not a
luser, if poss), and then allow the member to join or leave aspects
of evolt-ness / evolt-hood (?) as they please. am i dribbling yet? i
have a headache, that's my excuse.


Andrew Forsberg
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