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Chris and Danielle Johnston cdjohnston4 at rogers.com
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Well, I am not sure what the work is like, but I do know that Whistler
is an incredibly expensive place to live. Your best bet would be to move
to Surrey or to Vancouver. At least then you might have a chance to get
high speed internet connection. As for bringing pets over, be prepared
for a possible lengthy quarantine period for the dog.

Where are you moving from and do you have any kind of work visa to work
in Canada?

Work in Canada, as far as I can tell is slow, just like the rest of the
world, and an attitude that business don't really see the point of a
website, or at least don't want to pay for one. (This is from my part of
Canada - Toronto at least) So, it may be very hard to get Canadian

But, with all that said, Good Luck if you decide to move. It is a
beautiful country, with Whistler being one of its best spots, and the
best country in the world to live in.

Chris Johnston

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Afternoon list,

  I'm considering a move to Canada - could any canadians on this list
  answer a couple of questions I have.

  I'm especially considering going to the Whistler area, for the
  skiing/snowboarding - other snow activities.  I also want to take my
  dog and be able to horse-ride with a view to either taking my own
  horse(s) or buying out there.

  If there are any canadians on this list, could they tell me what the
  work is like.  Ideally I would stay freelance, hopefully holding
  onto my current clients plus gaining some more over there.  - no
  idea if this is viable or not, but I work from home anyway so I only
  really see the time-delay as being the main problem!  btw I'm a
  website designer - verging into the realms of developer.

  Is this all pie in the sky?  What are your thoughts?

  I apologise for the vagueness of this email, I'm just sort of trying
  to get things sorted in my head (iykwim) and thought I'd ask about
  other peoples experiences.

  If this should go offlist, please let me know and I will do so


kristina at kfx-design.co.uk

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