[thechat] City dwellers...

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Tue Feb 19 12:41:00 CST 2002

Erika Meyer wrote:

> Joe, I've not noticed this _at_all_.
> Granted, I started Evolting while living in a town of 12,000....
> but I'm in Portland now, and I consider that to be a "large" city.
> Adrian is in Buffalo, NY.  I consider that large, also.  I thought
> you said you were in San Diego?  and Shirley is in Sacramento... not
> the cow town you might think it is...  Marlene in Palo Alto (moved
> from D.C.)

 > I consider all these places to be big cities...
 > but then I grew up in the middle of a redwood forest...

These are "larger cities?" I think these all have less than a million
people. Probably much less.

Anyone with a nice city population lookup?

My theory again:
 >> I've been working on a theory that the larger the city, the more
 >> in-grown
 >> opportunities to network (think wwwac, noend, web405, etc) - so less
 >> of the
 >> folks in larger cities are drawn to evolt.

I'm not saying it's a strong theory yet. Just trying to suss out whether
more of the folks who evolt are less likely to be big city dwellers.
Seems to me that many folks are rural or in smaller cities.

The folks in Chicago and Dallas put the kibosh on the theory, I suppose.

Wasn't there gonna be an evolt map at some point? That'd be very handy
about now -- nice statistical graph showing density and distribution of
evolters around the world. :-)

So who's gonna build it? :-)

	- Joe

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