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Tue Feb 19 15:21:01 CST 2002

Hi Ben,

Myth?  What myth?

Houston has a number of major highways.  Alongside the major highways
(at various points) are major power line right-of-way access routes.
The grassy areas beneath the major power line routes in many parts of
town appear to have been rented out as "grazing land".  Because of that,
there IS a considerable amount of cattle to be seen in and around the
city of Houston.

Seriously, I really don't think there is any route to my old house that
doesn't pass any cattle herds.

Now --- I *may* have been funning with you on the affected drawl.   ;-)

Just trying to 'pass', man.

Yup - that's a pretty good pic!  ['Course the "ever-photogenic" Dennis
Rodman and Johnny Winters are from Texas too!]

(Who's soon-to-be brother-in-law is a cattle rancher on the South side
of Houston in a mapdot called Needville, Texas. [Try saying that without
a hayseed in your teeth!  {While, technically speaking, a cotton seed
(or even a rice seed) would be more accurate - their sonic
characteristics aren't quite as satisfactory!})

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See there...I was just talking to Meryl Evans <http://www.meryl.net>
yesterday and she was commenting on how we just begin to make headway on
debunking Texas myths when a proud Texan comes in and messes everything
up. :)

(Her example was Hugh Forrest of SxSW:
<http://www.digital-web.com/profiles/hugh_forrest.shtml>  Whoa, what a

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