[thechat] Re: City dwellers...

Cheryl Baringer cheryl.baringer at alcatel.com
Tue Feb 19 16:47:01 CST 2002

Joe stated:
 >> I've been working on a theory that the larger the city, the more in-grown
 >> opportunities to network (think wwwac, noend, web405, etc) - so less
of the
 >> folks in larger cities are drawn to evolt.

Then later thought that those of us in Dallas and Chicago have blown his theory...

I dunno about Chicago, but I wonder if the "sprawl" in Dallas has
anything to do with it. I live 35 miles northwest of downtown Dallas,
and work 20 miles east of my home. Not exactly in a hub of 'net
development, but I'm still considered to work in "Dallas".

Of course I am usually lurking rather than chatting or evolting, since
I'm on digest.

Delurking just a bit,

PS. As to the "cow" issue, our European coworkers are always amused that
we drive past farms and cows and horses, just to get to a restaurant for
lunch.. ;>

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