[thechat] mystery email - Who's packing your parachute?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Wed Feb 20 07:13:01 CST 2002

Hi Tony,

Yeah - it's pretty good.  I got a copy of the email a month or two ago.

The guy appears to be for real:  http://www.charlieplumb.com/

Here is a longer version of the story:

It appears to be an excerpt from a collection of motivational audio
cassettes and  books; Insights to Excellence - list $2800 US!  (Although
I did find a link for just the casettes for $200 US.  The paperback
alone is $3 US. So I guess it would pay to [as momma says] 'shop

Whew! -- Finally found a date!  The paperback came out in '92.  The
hardback came out in '89.



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Subject: [thechat] mystery email - Who's packing your parachute?

Hi guys.

Anyone know the source?

I'm just curious, it's a nice sentiment.

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