[thechat] who thought *this* was a good idea?

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> > <big chuckle> Yeah, well, I just heard someone talking
> > about sql and
> > learned how to pronounce it correctly after reading about
> > it online all
> > this time.
> "ess cue ell" ? I know it can be pronounced sequel but the
> amount of people I've even heard of pronouncing it that way,
> adds up to a big one.
> Got 13 on the test.. can I excuse myself for poor
> performance on the basis that my monitor sucks? ;)
> Lach

Yeah that’s how I pronounce it (ess cue ell). Know of 1 person who calls
it sequal and that’s a lecturer at Uni so he must be wrong!

Got a whopping 11 on the test. I apply that to being a: hungover b:
rubbish at colour names!

I got all the ones like burnt sienna etc from having a bit of a painting
background when I was younger, but apart from that I really don’t have a
clue what one colour name is from the other. Probably why Im a
programmer and not a designer - and also probably why the background
colour on my website (www.cache-22.co.uk) is so contriversial!

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