[thechat] who thought *this* was a good idea?

Kath Kath at cyber-kat.com
Thu Feb 21 05:43:00 CST 2002

>Yeah that’s how I pronounce it (ess cue ell). Know of 1 person who calls
>it sequal and that’s a lecturer at Uni so he must be wrong!

Most everyone where I work, pronounces it sequel.  My boss alternates
between sequel and ess cue ell, but they all say, "sequel server."

I got 24 on the color test.  PC here with a Viewsonic Graphics series monitor.

More likely attributed to my color matching course at NYSID and years spent
in the garment industry shading swatches.  My favorite color from back in
those days was aubergene.  I'd never heard of it, and still don't know what
an aubergene is, but the color is an eggplant purple.

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