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Nah, that's 'Cif' (siff)

Sorry, that's a UK 'insensitive-globalisation-of-product-names' gag.

[background, there's a cleaning product, which I think was UK-developed,
called 'Jif'. The manufacturers wanted to call it the same name all over
Europe to save on production costs (actually, almost no savings as
the labels are language-specific anyway), but most European languages
have problems with the J. So they renamed it 'Cif'. Which might have been
OK, except that they tried to sell it to the UK public with a sizeable ad
which focused 100% on the benefits to the company (ie the situation as
and didn't mention a single benefit to the consumer. And they wonder why
it didn't go down too well...]

See also Opal Fruits -v- Starburst and Marathon -v- Snickers.


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I also say  pronounce "gif" like "jiff" (peanut butter),

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