SQL, gif, e-mail... (was Re: [thechat] who thought *this* was a good idea?)

mccreath mccreath at ak.net
Thu Feb 21 21:39:00 CST 2002

> From: Judah McAuley
> David McCreath wrote:
> > PS -- Joe, Judea is pronounced "Judy! AHH!" as in "I've just seen Liza's
> > mother and now I may sigh contentedly."
> Dammit (or is it damn-it?),

[ clutching pearls, fanning with the other head ] I believe the appropriate
exclamation in mixed company is "darn it"! Really!

>it's pronounced Jew-dah.

"Ohhhh, Camptown ladies sing this song (me/ points mic at audience)
Camptown racetrack five miles long all the (me/ points mic at audience) day"

> Judah (no, not Judas) McAuley

Dam ... I mean darn! How close is that to "Judah Maccabee"?

Arrrrgghhh! Sorry, Joe. At least we're off of acronyms ...


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