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Quackamoe quackamoe at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 22 14:24:00 CST 2002

--- Martin <martin at members.evolt.org> wrote:
> Yup. Dull curling stat 2: there are only 4 other
> countries
> with more than 10k curlers - Scotland, US, Japan and
> Switzerland.

Dull curling stat 3: for most of my life the only
reason I knew curling existed is because of the scene
in "Help" where the Beatles go curling in Switzerland
and the bad guys put a bomb in the stone and Ringo I
think is feverishly yet ineffectually brooming away at
it and George figures out it's a bomb and starts
hollering "A fiendish thingy!" or some such.

Dull curling stat 4: The only reason that whole
was in Help was because the Fab Four wanted to go to

who found himself watching curling when there was no
ice hockey and realized he was actually INTERESTED!

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