[thechat] Developers without websites?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Wed Mar 6 09:06:00 CST 2002

> And for those that do have a site, do you do it for yourself?  To
> communicate with others?  Do you worry about keeping it current?

1) yes, 2) somewhat, and 3) yup

Mostly I did it to get a new job.  [The company I was working for was being bought out and shut down. At about this same time I was getting serious religion about the value of Intranet reporting. I needed a place to point at to help me explain what I could do.]

Did it work?  Kinda - folks would look at my site for about 4 seconds and then say "Yeah, yeah that's nice --- But can you do THIS?"  On the plus side, it did give me quite a bit of confidence to say 'Yup!'

On the lighter side, my personal site currently gets me lots of job offers from around the world! {If you do a Google search for "manugistics reflex" - my resume pops up as one of the top 10 sites. <shrug> Some geeky friends were impressed.}  Unfortunately - that isn't what I want to do anymore.

2) Kinda.  On the fun side, having a site means I can bug Isaac and say "Hey, I'm starting to scan in some of my animal shots."  Here's two:


On the non-fun side, I can use it to correspond with folks like my lawyer in Ohio.

3) Yeah.  Although, actually I'm more concerned with how crappy my stuff looks.  My 'design' abilities are pretty nonexistent.  I need to spend a LOT more time putzing with Gimp and stuff.


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