[thechat] Developers without websites?

iris laren4 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 7 06:55:01 CST 2002

--- Miriam Frost <miriam at members.evolt.org> wrote:
> > > And for those that do have a site, do you do it
> for yourself?  To
> > > communicate with others?  Do you worry about
> keeping it current?
> Yes, yes and yes...
> It's about 15 months old and shows it. Worse, the
> code is starting to show
> it.

this is why i found the fuzz about the W3C member's
personal websites (only 18 of 500 validate, or
something) so stupid and unjust.  everybody knows that
most ppl don't have time to keep their their own
websites up to standards.


omnia mea mecum porto


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