[thechat] Exciting news (for me anyway)... and site check (more or less)

Paul Cowan paul at wishlist.com.au
Mon Mar 11 07:09:00 CST 2002

Hey all,

I know I'm not really a thechat regular, but hey, you all get subjected to
my news anyway. Tough.

As of last Thursday (7th of May), I'm the very proud Dad of a shiny new baby
girl, the extremely gorgeous Alice Kallista Gemmell Cowan.

I just thought some of you may be interested in checking out her site (yes,
I know: creating a website for your 3-day-old daughter is terribly geeky --
but I think it's actually the easiest way to distribute the photos to
family, friends, etc. Oh, and I *AM* a geek).

Anyhoo, check it out at http://www.alicecowan.com/?referrer=thechat (might
as well track traffic while I'm there...)

I'd love to hear what you think of the site. A couple of things you might
like to note:
	* Yes, I know the colours are garish. She's a little girl,
	  what do you expect?

	* Site is (should be?) fully XHTML 1.0 and CSS. Should be fairly
	  accessible (though the alt tags for the image gallery got a bit
	  much...) and hopefully nice clean maintainable code. If you find
	  anything odd, let me know, but hey, remember: it's currently
	  99 hours since her birth... I HAVE had other things on my plate,
	  you know...

	* As a result of the above, site (should) look fine on at least
	  IE 5/6, Opera 5/6, and Mozilla-based browsers (PC at least).
	  I haven't tested on NS4: I suspect it will look ugly due to the
	  extensive use of CSS. Eventually, I will hide CSS totally from
	  NS4. It will look like a lynx page, and they'll like it, dammit.

	* Yes, I know that her eyes are closed in nearly all of the photos.
	  She's actually a touch jaundiced, hence the sleepiness.

	* Birth #19 is my favourite photo... (if you ignore the blood).
	  Hospital #21 comes close. Hospital #25 is the best one of
	  yours truly, with Hospital #8 a close second.

Anyway, check it out! The discussion I see over the last week or so about
developers with no personal websites is quite interesting, because I've been
meaning to get off my bum and do one (I had one at university, but not
since) for some time, if nothing else to make use of some truly great domain
names I have registered -- I've ummed and aahed for ages, but it's amazing
how motivated you can get when there's a reason for it...

Later all,


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