[thechat] Exciting news (for me anyway)... and site check (mo re or less)

Joel Canfield Joel at spinhead.com
Mon Mar 11 09:23:01 CST 2002

>As of last Thursday (7th of May), I'm the very proud Dad of a
>shiny new baby girl, the extremely gorgeous Alice Kallista
>Gemmell Cowan.

Well, with or without a website, that's fantastic. Congrats!

All four of my kids have two middle names. And nearly as creative as
Alice's. Love the name explanation, too.

>I just thought some of you may be interested in checking out
>her site (yes, I know: creating a website for your 3-day-old
>daughter is terribly geeky -- but I think it's actually the
>easiest way to distribute the photos to family, friends, etc.
>Oh, and I *AM* a geek).

Hey, one brag per e-mail, pal ;)

>Anyhoo, check it out at
>http://www.alicecowan.com/?referrer=thechat (might as well
>track traffic while I'm there...)
>I'd love to hear what you think of the site. A couple of
>things you might like to note:
>	* Yes, I know the colours are garish. She's a little girl,
>	  what do you expect?

Nothing garish about happy perky pink. The whole site seems to work nicely

[ . . . snip . . . that's medical humor . . . ]
>	* Birth #19 is my favourite photo...

Understandably. You and your wife do nice work. (one little suggestion: it's
tough to find mum and dad's names; is Alice ashamed of you?)

[ . . . ]
>Later all,

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