[thechat] Cell Phone Recommendations

Judah McAuley judah at wiredotter.com
Mon Mar 11 19:07:00 CST 2002

.jeff wrote:
> been really happy with voicestream -- short of their inability to change my bill due date to a more reasonable date.  they're certainly better than at&t, my last provider and *much* cheaper for similar service.
> fwiw, here's a better link that lists out all the plans from voicestream in your area:
> http://www.voicestream.com/products/services/rateplans/dallasftworth.asp

And to provide a counter point, Jeff and I are in the same city.  But I
really didn't like Voicestream and I've been pretty happy with AT&T.
Voicestream had pretty good voice quality, but their coverage area sucks
(to put it mildly).  When I'm in the middle of a major city in Oregon,
I'm usually near friends and I can use their phones for a nice land line
connection.  I really *need* my cell phone when I'm away from the I-5
corridor, and that's where Voicestream doesn't have any coverage.  With
AT&T, I may not get digital coverage everywhere (although I do get it
most places), I at least get decent analog coverage most everywhere I
go.  I don't pay much more than I did with Voicestream and I get to use
my cell phone in places that are actually useful for me.

Now if I was a commuting boy who wanted a cell phone as a replacement
for a land line, I might be more inclined to go with Voicestream.  But
until they get coverage in the places around Oregon I need to go, its
just too aggravating.

The situation may be very different in Texas.  I'm all in favor
all-digital all the time, but until it works where I need it, I'll keep
my trusty fall-back to analog.


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