[thechat] Cell Phone Recommendations

Seth Bienek seth at sethbienek.com
Mon Mar 11 19:10:01 CST 2002

Hi Ben,

I'm in the Dallas area too!  I've been fooling around with phones and service
providers lately, so I'll share my experience.

I have used the 8260 with Cingular service for about 6 weeks and have to say
that I'm pretty pleased so far.

I wanted the 8290 because it has uplink capability (for contact sync and stuff),
but it is a digital-only phone and I wanted a tri-mode for those times when
digital service isn't available. (Like when I go home to the country for a
visit).  It seems like this is the painful tradeoff when choosing between the
8260 and 8290 - which is more important to you, signal availability or features?
The 8290 also has interchangable faceplates whereas the 8260 does not.  Not sure
if that matters to you.. They both have TONS of aftermarket accessories
available, which is a Good Thing(tm).

When I got my phone, I was switching from Sprint.  I do not have enough bad
things to say about the service, reliability, or availability I experienced
while with them (though the people on the service line were admittedly very
nice, they could never actually do anything to help me).  I had to wait out my
contract before I could switch, and am happy to say things have run much
smoother with cingular.

Don't buy your phone on-line through Cingular though.  The model availability
and pricing of the phones != what you get at the Cingular store.  It's always
good to build a repetoire with an actual person anyway, I think.

Well, that's about all I have, I guess..

Good luck!


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> OK, it's cell phone upgrade time for me.

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