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Bob Davis bobd at members.evolt.org
Mon Mar 11 20:52:06 CST 2002

At 6:33 PM -0800 3/11/02, Shirley Kaiser, SKDesigns wrote:
>At 04:22 PM 3/11/2002, you typed:
>>>  From: Ben Dyer
>>>  So far, I've been leaning towards the Nokia 8290:
>>>  <http://www.nokiausa.com/phones/8290/1,4511,,00.html>
>>had some friends who've had constant problems with that series of
>>nokia.  have others who've never had a problem with it.
>My son and I both have that phone and love it... about 18 months or so now.
>So we're among those who've had good experiences with it. Its small size is
>great, too, it's easy to use, and hasn't had any problems since I've had it.

I have an 8260 in San Antonio (works great) and I use AT&T, which I
like just fine.
My sister has an 8260 in Austin, also with AT&T, and she likes hers.
My brother has an 8290 in NYC, and loves it (Voicestream).

I keep mine in my pocket with no cover ever and it's still in pretty
good shape. My gf's brother has burned through 3 8260's in the past 6
months, but he uses a BodyGlove cover on his....the same one on every
phone....he sees no connection...why have I become Aardvark?

I'm inclined to think that they work well, but that they don't work
well with covers as they might interfere with the internal antenna.

Heather uses Sprint with some Nokia model, and it works well. She
actually gets better coverage between here an Houston, but that's not
a trip I want to take very often so I'm certainly not going to buy a
phone for it.

bob davis
bobd at members.evolt.org

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