[thechat] winXP vs. win2000

Joel Canfield Joel at spinhead.com
Tue Mar 12 21:08:00 CST 2002

>next time, i'll be off the 1-year service plan, so i'm hoping
>spinhead and i are still on good terms...
>i'm gonna need him

I'm all yours, pal. Just remember, I drink English beer, not Canadian.

Hey, hardware is a pain. I'm reminded of the two schools of thought
regarding learning to sail - one guy says, first thing, capsize the boat.
That way, you've been thru the worst, and you'll never be scared again. The
other guy says, let's just sail well enought that we're never IN the water,
and it won't matter.

If you buy a Dell and spend the extra $99 for the three-year warranty, you
shouldn't HAVE to learn about hardware. They'll walk you thru anything.
Their support is smashing.

But I'm always here, just in case . . .

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