[thechat] B--lder.com and W----nkey

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Thu Mar 14 18:22:00 CST 2002

CNET and Webmonkey are longtime rivals.


<quote type = "circa 1998">
Incensed by the news of a CNET player in their midst, the rest of the
Webmonkeys gather around Kristin, everyone talking at once. "What's
he doing ... ?" "He said what ... ?" "Let's rumble ... !" Then
Irritating Plane Kid turns to Kristin and says, "Mommy, who's Dan
Shafer?" Ever-patient, Kristin explains that Dan Shafer works at
CNET, the company with which the Webmonkeys enjoy a healthy
competitive relationship. Then she stuffs his head in a barf bag and
wraps it on tight with Evany's headphone wire. "And kid? I'm not your

Those were the days when the monkey could still fight back.

& CNET had a butt-ugly yellow frameset that took forever to load on
my Mac IIci 33.6 connection...


>This doesn't really have anything to do directly with
>evolt...but...Builder.com is taking potshots at Webmonkey (which I find
>Found it on C|Net's splash page...


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