[thechat] I can't belive this

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Fri Mar 15 16:53:00 CST 2002

Not insane.  just stupid.
Of course he loves power, but that's a prereq for being prez, isn't it?

W Bush was selected because he would have corporate interests at
heart.  His lack of intelligence makes him easy to control.  He's
doing the job he was put in place to do.  Nice work, Georgie.

But he is a sweetheart.  I really like all the nice things he said
about single mothers before he tightened the welfare to work
thumbscrews.  It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy.

Global destruction is not a goal, just a byproduct.

& also making the most of resources. For example, it would be a shame
to let all our nukes go to waste...


But what is really important is that Tonya Harding kicks Paula Jones's ass!!!!

Tonya's from Portland, Oregon.  Go local girl!
Tonya for Prez 2006!!!!!!

(Give Tonya some nukes, man.
It'll be the Nukes of Hazzard!)


>Please someone, explain is it he's insane, or just so in love with
>money/power that he's willing to doing this?


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