[thechat] microsoft rant (part 2)

dave mclean dave at members.evolt.org
Sat Mar 16 15:28:00 CST 2002

Ron, I know you're jealous, but please, try to contain yourself. ;-P

I wasn't saying that he should get a Mac because it's more secure, or that
it has less viruses.  I was saying it because it's just a simpler computer
to use, update, work with.  I have never had the problems rudy's describing
while using OSX (a fully functional UNIX-based OS btw).

I like both platforms for their various reasons, but for what rudy does on
his pc all day, which is read and write email (The first time I met rudy he
was checking his email at one of those $20/h Web kiosks at the Dallas
airport...) he could easily get along with a nice iMac.

Need M$ Office... they've got it. Need a great text editor... got it.  Need
Mozilla, Opera, Netscape, IE?  Got it. If it's easier to use, why bash it.
Some people would rather spend their time working _with_ their computers,
than working _on_ their computers.

I work with Wintel boxen all the time.  NT is a good OS.  I like some of the
features of win2K. But I still come home to my Mac everyday.  I'm platform
agnostic, with a slight bias to the nicer looking machine.  ;-)


oh and btw, if there are only 30 macs in the world I own 10 per cent of
them.  Woo Hoo!  Market domination. :-)

On 2002.03.15 18:24, Ron White wrote:
> One has to laugh that you Mac folks seriously think your systems don't have
> holes. If Macs had 95% of the market like M$ does, the Hak0rz would be
> writing virii to exploit the holes that are most likely there, but they
> don't bother taking the time to try to infect 20 or 30 machines...
> Thanks,
> Ron White
> <>
>> i am so pissed off
> Seriously. Get an iMac.  ;-)
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