[thechat] i got this neat email from my son

Shirley Kaiser, SKDesigns skaiser1 at skdesigns.com
Sat Mar 16 18:33:12 CST 2002

At 02:42 PM 3/15/2002, you typed:
>this is what it says --
>    Hi,
>    eric limeback wants you to check out this page:
>    Bad to the Bone
>    "I'm bad to the bone baby!"
>    Click here to go there now!
>    You might also enjoy this offer:
>    Win Big!!! Go here now:
>    http://mailbits.net/grab/taf.asp
>fabulous!  click here to go there now!
>something about
>             mail  bits  net  grab  taf  asp
>sounds hilarious, i can't stop giggling

Rudy, you're hysterical. Sounds like your son has inherited his dad's
humor, too. :-)

One of the many memorable emails from my daughter was last fall as she sat
in one of her college classes and sent me a message from her cell phone.
She typed me a note from her phone to say hi and that she was thinking of
me. Granted, she was bored and passing the time, but it still brought tears
to my eyes that she would write something like that to me.... reminded me
of when she was so little and would bring me pictures that she drew. <grin>
Maybe it's a mom thing, huh?! <chuckle>

Ah, children are the greatest, the most challenging, the most frustrating,
the most heart wrenching, the most fantastic.... all wrapped up into one.
And when they do something thoughtful or cute it melts away any of the
frustrating, challenging, heart wrenching moments. It's quite a mix
(especially the teenage years <grin>). While in some ways I miss the
moments when they were so little and I'd rock them to sleep as I sang them
little songs, I love the ages that they're at all the way through the
process, too (my daughter is now 19, my son is almost 14). They're precious
gifts in my life, and I can't even imagine my life without them in it.


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