[thechat] microsoft rant (part 3)

Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Sat Mar 16 19:24:00 CST 2002

> > There's just something about the MAC interface that doesn't speak to me.
> You like boxy and grey, hunh?

I'm not talking about the look itself. I'm talking about the exchange of
information. I wouldn't care if the whole thing was bright pink as long as I
can figure out how it works, which is not the case with any of the MAC OSes
I've seen so far.

> > We now have OSX at home (yeah, I crash it too, but a bit less
> Come on... how are you crashing OSX every time you use it?  And when you
> 'crash' when referring to OSX what do you mean?  I have had applications
> work unusually in OSX but I've never hung the machine.  I can always force
> quit the prog. just like in Winland.

I said I was crashing it less frequently, not every time I use it. The
previous OSes were every single time, not OSX, so there's an improvement
And what I mean by "crash" is that I have to unplug the computer from the
wall outlet. So yeah, that's a crash by pretty much all standards.
Most of the time, it happens when I install my son's games. but since it's
the only thing I do on the MAC, that doesn't mean much. My son can get his
games to freeze too, and sometimes severely enough that I have to unplug the

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