[thechat] microsoft rant (part 3)

Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Sun Mar 17 16:48:01 CST 2002

> >>> There's just something about the MAC interface that doesn't speak to
> >> You like boxy and grey, hunh?

Ok, here's something that throws me everytime I sit in front of a MAC box..
Why is the menu for my application completely at the top *outside* of the
window where the application runs?  I can't get used to that. I swear each
time I go looking for a menu at the top of my application window, only to
remember that it sits outside of it.

Second, why is it that when I ask a window to be maximised, that it doesn't
maximise it? When I run IE on the Mac, and I want it to be maximised, it
doesn't become full screen. Argh. gets on my nerves everytime

Third, why is it only the lower right corner that I can grab to change the
size of a window?

There's just details, but they bug *me* to no end.  I can understand that
they wouldn't bug someone else. I was once with a MAC user (with no idea of
what's going in behind the screen) and she wasn't bothered by any of this.
She wasn't even bothered that she couldn't multi-task when installing a new
program (that was years ago, don't know if it's changed now) .

Happy St Patrick's Day to anyone with a drop of Irish blood :)

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