[thechat] microsoft rant (part 2)

Olly gnarly at punkass.com
Mon Mar 18 09:37:01 CST 2002

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From: "Olly" <gnarly at punkass.com>

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> From: "deke " <web at master.gen.in.us>
> > Except that I *need* a floppy drive. Not just a 3.5" microfloppy, but a
> > 5.25" minifloppy as well. I have data on those disks. And occasionally,
> > I need to run software that's on a copy-protected disk to *access* that
> > data.
> Get yourself a USB floppy drive then :-)

Sorry, that wasnt much use to anybody was it?

My point is that (in the eyes of the computer manufacturers) the majority or
people dont really use floppy drives anymore. So they make them an optional
extra, and most people wont miss them.

Of course some people out there still need them for legacy applications (or
just to pass that word file to a non-networked person across the room, etc
etc), but (in the eyes of the computer manufacturers) there is no longer a
need for them to be supplied with every PC by default. Those people that do
need them can pop down to PC World and buy an inexpensive USB floppy.


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