[thechat] Economics

rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Thu Mar 21 12:44:01 CST 2002

this is actually a fairly old meme, resurfacing recently with the hilarious
enron addition...

a couple weeks ago, it ran in canada's national post (treeware version) and
asked for reader contributions for "canadian capitalilsm"

i sent in three but they weren't selected --

   Canadian Capitalism
   You have two cows. One and a half in Newfoundland.

   Canadian Capitalism
   You have two cows. Quebec steals one and goes home.
   You ask Ottawa how they could possibly let something
   like that happen, and Ottawa goes "Quoi?"

   Canadian Capitalism
   You have two cows. You send one to Ottawa and it is made
   into a $500,000 meat dress which hangs in an art gallery.

that last one will make sense only to a few people

here are my entries for evolt --

  The evolt organization
   You have two cows.  You immediately form eight committees to
   decide how to milk the cows.  These committees are eventually
   abandoned when it is realized that only a few people actually feel like
   actually getting up and actually milking the cows every day.

  The evolt organization
   You have two cows. The cows are milked occasionally, but always by
   hand and always with a lot of grunting by the cows.  Somebody suggests
   automated equipment so you form several discussion groups to figure
   out how to build the automated equipment.  Fights break out as people
   argue about what kind of equipment is required.  People get royally
   pissed off and start to leave.  One or two fools stay behind to keep
   milking the cows, but they start to wonder why they bother.  The cows
   continue grunting.

  The evolt organization
   You have two cows.  They produce fabulous milk, and you give it away.
   People line up from all over the world to get evolt milk.  But somebody
   has to pay to keep feeding the cows.  A hat is passed, and comes back
   with seventeen dollars and four cents.  [ to be continued ... ]


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