[thechat] FW: IQ tests

Nicole P nicole at parrot.ca
Tue Mar 26 17:59:08 CST 2002

Ok, I just did the Culture-Fair test, and since I hate the spatial
organisation questions, I did not even try those. Yet I ended up with a
score of  116, putting me in the gifted for guessing my answers.

And by answering the verbal one, I ended up qualifying for their membership
(although I didn't guess that many on that test. I like verbal skills, even
though English is my second language)

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From: "matthew garrett" <matthew.garrett at snet.net>
> According to their explanations, these tests are geared to be *very*
> difficult to make them more accurate in the above average range. You are
> only supposed to get a few right. It kinda makes sense.
> Thus, the "Test for Exceptional Intelligence" which is even *more*
> in order to make it more accurate in the 'really damn smart' range.

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